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Jesus Arkhipov

Hotel Giant 3 Free Download REPACK

Hotel Giant 2 PC Game Free Download is a very interesting game which developed by Enlight Software Limited, PerspectX and published by United Independent Entertainment. It is a traditional hotel management game. Where the player can create a hotel of his own choice. At the start player would be provided with a building. Where he can take a start by creating new rooms, purchasing new furniture and other things for decoration. He can manage people and the profit he earn can be used to buy the items for the development of hotel. He can also do advertisment of the hotel. People can take rooms for stay so you have to take proper care of their comfort. Another interesting feature in the game is that player can hire staff by proper way of his own choice. A player can not only manage one hotel but he can also open branches of hotel at different places, by this way he can earn more money and can achieve his goals. If you like playing this game then you will like a similar game which is called the sims 4 get to work You can download it free from our website.