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Sabrina The Teenage Witch Sex Scenes

Parents need to know that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a dark drama about a teen girl (Kiernan Shipka) with magical powers. Existing in the same world as Riverdale and classic Archie comic characters, it's an edgy retelling of the young witch's story. Violence includes deaths, stabbings with spurting blood, images of witches hanging from a tree, a character making a joke about having human flesh for dinner while standing over the body of a recently murdered teen, and more. Gothic imagery -- bats, fog, cemeteries -- may spook younger viewers. A teen is bullied for having an androgynous gender presentation. Sexual content consists of loving kisses between Sabrina and her boyfriend, talk about virginity (and why it's a requirement for a new witch), and an orgy that takes place at Sabrina's home (she's not involved). Language is infrequent but includes "bastard," "a--hole," "hell," "bulls--t," and made-up slang with a vulgar edge, like when Sabrina calls fellow witches "succubitches." A character is called "freak." An adult character smokes theatrically and frequently with no visible consequences, and teens sometimes drink, which adults seem not to mind. Women and people of color have strong roles with agency; a main character is nonbinary. Sabrina in particular is tough but kind; she stands up for herself and for others against intense opposition, and she's a good role model for teens in many ways. That said, this magical world is darker, bloodier, and sexier than Harry Potter; think Buffy the Vampire Slayer with even more focus on the occult and evil. As Sabrina's seasons move on, the action is even edgier and darker, with sudden bloody murders, disturbing imagery (like a scene in which two characters suddenly find they are sewn together to be conjoined twins), rituals that involve cannibalism, demonic possession, evil spells, and the resurrection of the dead. Characters are suddenly dispatched, like when a woman's throat is suddenly and bloodily slit, or a boy is killed when a mine collapses. Many scenes feature characters visiting hell and communing with demons and/or Satan. Visuals are dark and spooky and can be shocking -- for example, a scene where adult characters are telling a sort of fairytale that involves a child being cooked alive to be fed to Satan; we see the hapless child in the oven.

sabrina the teenage witch sex scenes


Witchcraft becomes a meta-metaphor for female power in this smart, witty, and positively thrilling update of the cheesy teen-witch story that, like Riverdale, originated in Archie comics. This Sabrina is both darker and deeper, with more on its mind than the sitcom-with-magic antics of 1990s cult fave Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Compellingly, the new Sabrina grapples not only with the whiplash that comes from having one foot in the magical world and one in the mortal one, but also with the limitations that the world puts on her as a teenage girl.

FOR LOVE OF THE GAME (PG-13) Director: Sam Raimi. With Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston, John C. Reilly, Brian Cox. (135 min.) ++ Costner plays a 40-year-old pitcher with a passel of problems: His team is being sold, his throwing hand isnt what it used to be, and his love affair is apparently in its last inning. Like a contest between unequal teams, this sentimental drama is wildly uneven as it switches between ballpark scenes, which are very involving, and romantic episodes, which are badly overplayed. ++1/2 Loved the baseball scenes, romantic, entertaining. Sex/Nudity: 2 scenes with implied sex; 1 sex scene. Violence: 2 mild scenes. Profanity: 40 expressions, many harsh. Drugs: 7 scenes with alcohol, 2 with smoking. 350c69d7ab

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