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Jesus Arkhipov
Jesus Arkhipov

Black Mirror - Fifte... !!LINK!!

The design of the sets in this episode was chosen carefully to try and represent a depressing and drab future. The main color present is black. Black floors, ceilings, walls, combined with a low level of lighting make the episode literally dark. And with the minimalistic décor, the design paints a bleak environment, setting the tone for the episode.

Black Mirror - Fifte...

If Black Mirror puts forward the possibility of a black and white world, with a little abstraction it also enables the chance to imagine the opposite scenario: how would the world be without advertisement? And to open some perspective on needs and desire: would we buy the same things? Would we watch the same shows? Would we read the same books?

Kenny's laptop camera was used by an unknown hacker to record him pleasuring himself. They threaten him into a series of stacked blackmails, including a bank robbery with another man ensnared in blackmail, or they will leak his secret. Exploring themes of techno-paranoia, Kenny shoots and kills an unidentified man in the middle of the forest on the orders of his blackmailers.

While throughout the episode, it is hard to not feel any sympathy towards Kenny, the audience are unaware of the disturbing, underlying reason for his desperate compliance with the blackmail. When Kenny thinks that he is finally free, his mother phones him and yells at him for "looking at kids." Kenny's internet habits, which remained a mystery for most of the episode, have been leaked by the hackers, and he is arrested on charges of child pornography. 041b061a72

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